Dreamy McDonald’s Desserts You’ll Never Try in The US

Big Macs boasts perfectly salted and savory french fries, and for the longest time, the fries have remained McDonald’s biggest strengths. But, as it turns out, this fast food purveyor makes even better sweets ranging from their thick and creamy shakes to their refreshing candy-filled McFlurry. The desserts are a delight; even the simple vanilla soft serve is super dreamy! The interesting bit, however, is that the US doesn’t have the best McDonald’s menu for dessert. The strawberry sundaes and the chocolate chip cookies are excellent, but did you know that a visit to McDonald’s Paris will leave you enchanted with the extravagance of the desserts menu? Think pasty-stuffed Nutella or nibbling on macarons! Well, Paris, France is not the only country with an exclusive dessert menu. The other desserts on the menu from other parts of the world include:

Cadbury Crème Egg McFlurry

Need a reason to move to Australia? Well, with Easter coming up, the Cadbury Crème Eggs McFlurry will be the best thing you could ever have done south. This chocolatey dessert is comprised of huge chunks of Cadbury’s milk chocolate that’s mixed with the Cadbury Crème Filling. And, this dessert isn’t available in the US – you can only enjoy it in Australia, the UK, New Zealand, and occasionally in Canada.

If you’re in the UK, you should know that this creamy delight runs out pretty fast and you might not get your hands on one, especially around Easter. Your timing has to be perfect.


Can you imagine indulging in anything other than macarons at a Parisian patisserie? Us neither.  And the best thing is that it’s one of those cliché things you have to do when you set foot in Paris, with no one judging you for eating the green, pink, and the chocolate-colored macarons because the delights will take you to heaven and back.

Want to enjoy them cheaply? Just waltz into McDonald’s Champs-Elysées and indulge in this iconic French treat.

We know what you’re thinking – that we’re only hyping these macarons to try them when you visit Paris. But, that isn’t our intention, McDonald’s as we know by now aims to please – in a 2018 Delishably ran a blind taste test for the macarons by McDonald’s and the ones by Ladurée (reputed as the best macaron makers in the City of Light), and the vendors tied only on the caramel, pistachio, and chocolate macarons.

So, even though some people would splurge on Ladurée’s treats, most people would opt for McDonald’s for a cheap, yummy and a quick (and dirty) macaron fi.

Oreo waffle cone with sweet potato ice cream

Don’t we all love delicious and beautiful-looking desserts? Well, this Oreo waffle cone with sweet potato ice cream is something you would want to try the next time you go to Hong Kong.

This is a soft-serve ice cream made with purple sweet potatoes which give it the lovely lilac hue. Its pale purple is not only gorgeous, but it also brings out the dark and bold chocolatey waffle cone that’s made from the best of Oreos. The sweet potato ice cream sits on this waffle cone — salivating yet? Well, you’ll also fall in love with the perfect balance of the sugar in your ice cream swirl.

While you can only get it in Hong Kong, you shouldn’t have to worry about overstretching your budget because this aesthetically and palette-pleasing delight will only set you back $1.75.

Its next best alternative? The vanilla soft serve in an Oreo waffle only found in McDonald’s special outlet located in Illinois.

Pineapple pie

US-based McDonald’s are known for their apple pies, but did you know that you can find the mind-blowing pineapple pie only in Thailand? You might argue that the apple pie is an American Motif and science has proven that apple pies are the perfect comfort foods, but Thailand’s flaky pie filed with delicious pineapples is just as good. In fact, one of the best things about Thailand’s McDonald is reportedly the pineapple pie. You could also get this pie in Malaysia.

Durian McFlurry

If you’ve heard of the Durian fruit or the king of fruit, then that’s what Durian McFlurry is made of. It is a regal fruit that’s known for its distinctive odor. The fruit is a highly regarded and it’s an actual Singaporean delicacy. Despite its off odor, it’s used to make this dessert. It’s only found in Singapore.

Finally, we have yummy muffins, Nutella cakes, and cheese pastries found Brazil and Italy.

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