How Did Keanu Reeves Prepare to Play John Wick?

Did you watch any of the John Wick Movies? Well, the first one was a resounding success as it made almost $90 million worldwide against its budget of $20 million. One of the top reasons for the huge success of the film is believed to come from the movie’s star Keanu Reeves known for his stellar performance. Reeves brought into the movie his high stoicism, as well as his wry humor, turning the film into a huge and successful franchise. John Wick II doubled box office’s take of the original film, which makes the announcement of John Wick III unsurprising.

The trailer of the third John Wick film is bonkers (suitably), and it’s reported that it will conclude John Wick’s story. But, how does Keanu Reeves do it? How does it bring a character to live and how does he inspire a franchise? Here’s a look at how Keanu Reeves prepares for the John Wick role:

He’s no spring Wick-en

Before we look at what he does or doesn’t do, let’s first remind you that Keanu Reeves is well in his 50s. Which makes total sense for us to look at how he prepares to make all those insane stunts. Now if you’re like most of us, simple house chores leave our muscles aching for days. And this doesn’t seem to be the case with Reeves who made his debut in the film back in 1984, acting in Point Break in 1991, and the Matrix in 1999.

On top of the list of things that prepared Keanu Reeves for John Wick, is, therefore, experience. As they say, the experience is an excellent teacher.

A lifetime role

You might not know this, but Keanu trains hard in preparation for John Wick. However, he doesn’t start from scratch. Keanu has a very solid baseline to start with having appeared in multiple films where his roles pretty much prepared him for John Wick. While Keanu played a lead role in Hamlet, action films are his forte and the films he’s played in previously formed a great blueprint for John Wick.

From his first acting role playing opposite Patrick Swayze in Point Break (1991) and Speed in 1990 to Matrix in 1999, Keanu got a pretty good foundation into playing John Wick. After Matrix, Keanu was the lead in his editorial debut, the Man of Tai Chi, a film that further developed his skills in the action films genre.

The John Wick boot camp

It is an undeniable fact that Keanu puts in a lot of work into his films, especially in John Wick. Well, one of the things he does is go through an intense three-month boot camp he calls the John Wick Boot Camp. This boot camp gets him ready for the demanding John Wick role. The boot camp is unlike any other as it focuses solely on John Wick’s primary concerns: the fighting, guns, and driving.

Speaking to Page Six, Keanu spoke about his routine, and he revealed that he sharpens his shooting skills ahead of the camera roll by taking the gun home with him where he walks around with it as he practices spying rooms and practices his draws. He also practices a lot on the character’s reloads, footwork, the transitions between weapons, as well as coming up with that unique John Wick Style.

However, on top of months of practice is Keanu’s will and passion which make the film as good as it is.

No strict diets

While Keanu’s become more conscious about what he eats, being careful not to overindulge, this guy loves his chicken, pasta, vegetables, and rice. He also prefers small to large meals.

However, his diet changes when training for the film because he adopts a low-fat, low sodium diet, with a focus on the perfect protein and carbohydrates balance. He also gets in a good amount of healthy fats. Occasionally, he’ll have a beer or a glass of wine.

It has been reported, however, that Keanu has on quirk when it comes to what he eats – he indulges in a good chunk of steak, the night before the filming of a major role.

Where do all the nice shots come from?

Ever watched John Wick and minutes into the film though, Hey man, Excellent shot? Well, he gets that from a shooting pro, a consultant – Taran Butler who prepares Reeves for competitive shooting.

What else does he do?

  • Besides being a great driver, he trains, and he has a driving trainer
  • He works out, a lot and he’s into resistance training and unilateral exercises.
  • He knows kung fu
  • He’s a trainer too, and he trained Theron for Atomic Blonde

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